Waihine Food Truck 

Wahine Food Truck is a regular feature at many Cape Town parties, events and pop-ups, offering people the exciting opportunity of feasting on delicious nutritious Polynesian inspired eats.

Wahine brings something from the Pacific Islands to you. At Wahine, we strongly believe in providing our customers with a healthy, wholesome and balanced fast food alternative. Therefore, all of our produce is sourced as locally as possible, even grown ourselves! Wahine’s food is freshly prepared on site using Polynesian cooking methods ensuring freshness and improving taste. Wahine food truck excels at introducing new foods, tastes and cooking methods to the Cape and enjoys the thrill of cooking and ultimately feasting with our Capetonian friends.

Wahine’s menu includes options for vegans, vegetarians, as well as options for the growing number of individuals who are gluten intolerant. It is important for us that no customer is left out.

Wahine, Keeping It Real!

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